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June 10th 2024, 08:30 -16:00 (online)

June 11th 2024, 08:30 -16:00 (in-person)

June 12th 2024, 08:30 -16:00 (outdoor session)

Cracow University of Technology, Warszawska 24 Street, 31-155 Kraków
 “KOTŁOWNIA” Conference-Exhibition pavilion


In the heart of every learner lies the seed of tomorrow’s world. As we stand at the crossroads of time, the theme “The Future of Learning: Empowering Open Minds for a Changing World” beckons us to embark on a journey not just of education, but of transformation.

This is not merely a conference

It is a clarion call to educators, innovators, policymakers, and students to come together and weave the fabric of the future with threads of knowledge, wisdom, and innovation. In a world that is rapidly evolving, the power of education extends beyond the boundaries of traditional learning. It is about nurturing critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders who are equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow with resilience and creativity

Our mission is to cultivate minds that are not only repositories of information but crucibles of innovation, capable of shaping a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and flourishing. As we delve into discussions, share insights, and collaborate on solutions, let us remember that we are not just shaping individual futures but the destiny of humanity itself. The path ahead is both exciting and daunting, but together, we have the power to transform the landscape of education and, in doing so, the future of our world.

Join us in this pivotal moment as we chart the course for The Future of Learning. Let us inspire and be inspired, challenge and be challenged, and above all, commit to a future where every mind is cultivated to its fullest potential, shaping a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow for all.


Register today and meet people who share your passion for STEAM & AI!  Registration must be completed by May 20th, 2024.

Post-conference papers

Conference participants will have the opportunity to publish their article in scientific, indexed, and peer-reviewed journals:


The workshops for future scientists during last year’s edition of the conference looked like: